Scrivener crashes in collection with ctrl+up arrow

I don’t know if this bug has been reported. There is a way to cause a fatal error in Scrivener in the “collections” mode.

Here’s the setup:

Start a new project using the blank template.
Put a few (3) folders or files under the draft folder.
I added a word or two to each file but I don’t know if that’s necessary.
Select the collection Icon or View>collections.
Copy and paste 2 or 3 items from the binder to the new collection.
First, drag the item to change it’s relationship in the collection. This works.
Second, ctrl- up (or down) arrow to move the items like in the binder or outliner.
Scrivener crashes.
Depending on when this happens some data or the layout is lost upon the crash.

I tried this on my Win 7 netbook and a XP desktop computer.

This is a known bug. A work around is to use the mouse to move items within a collection.