Scrivener crashes in Snow Leopard

I just reloaded Scrivener after about a year of inactivity. I am presently using Snow Leopard. When I open Scrivener and then try to open anyy of my projects, it immediately crashes, going back to an Apple troubleshooting screen on the Desktop. I checked to ensure I’m using the latest version of Quicktime and I’ve taken out the Literary*.* file suggested on the website, to no avail. I’m just trying to use it as a writers journal, at the present.


I just got your e-mail reporting this to me. Have you downloaded the latest version of Scrivener? Scrivener 1.53 was tested on Snow Leopard. If it’s crashing after an activation request, then go to and click on “Download and Reinstalls” on the left, then “Download” towards the top, then download and install the updater for Mac. Then re-run Scrivener 1.53. This is the only 10.6-related crash of which I am aware, and this should fix it. If it’s another problem, though, as I said in my e-mail, please send me the crash report that appears in the Apple window (which will be meaningless to Apple - I wish there was some way to change it so the info in that window could be sent to the developer of the app rather than to Apple…).

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A quick update on this. A couple of users have now reported this issue, but it isn’t specific to Scrivener - there is a general Snow Leopard crash occurring on some machines in some situations when a program accesses the system-wide Finder panel. MacRumors have today reported that the current developer build of 10.6.1 (my lips are sealed) fixes a crashing bug in Desktop Services, which seems to be the root of this bug - so hopefully 10.6.1 will end these problems.
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I have been sitting here with a copy of Snow Leopard, nervous about installing it. I checked her to see what Scrivener users were saying about it, since of all my programs, Scrivener is the most vital to me.

Is there any information about which machines are having probs so a person can determine whether or not to try it?

The 10.6.1 update which was out the other day should have fixed this issue, though I have yet to get confirmation of this from either of the users who reported the problem.

wingkeel, if you’re still around, could you confirm whether or not the 10.6.1 update fixed the issue?

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Thank you. I’ll hover and see if you hear from anyone!

I’ve run Scrivener on 10.6.0 since day 1 with no problems.
About to install 10.6.1 update.

ZERO issues re Scriv crashing with Snow Leopard. Seems good. (10.6.1 - unibody MPB 13" 2.5Ghz) I upgraded two days ago and have been working it hard. SFSG.

The changes in SL to the spelling (set in ‘Language & Text’ in System Prefs) caught me though – needed to set the Spelling Language to my preferred ‘Australian English’ – NOT just in the Language tab but also in the Text tab. Twicky.

Nice work Keith. I’m still grateful for your software. Thanks. - Peter

I have had no issues with Scrivener and 10.6.1.