Scrivener crashes on closing/saving project

Hi L&L,

Since updating to Scrivener Ver 18217 some days ago, the program is repeatedly crashing when I close the project I’m currently working on (editing of a translation, with a VERY close deadline) to save the progress (usually, after a chapter is finished I close my active project to backup - to disk and to Dropbox then I go to Time Machine menu to start a backup with my project still closed). I sent you the crash logs when reopening after crashes, so I hope you have some stuff to look at.

Please note, I’m using Scrivener since 1.X, no problems till now, I’m perfectly happy with it and I know you folks are a bit SuperHeroes:-) so I know you will beat this bad-guy-crashing-thing.

Any suggestions?
Best regards,

Hi Giovanni,

Can you please PM me the email address or name you used in the crash log that got sent automatically so that I can locate it? (Or attach a copy of the crash log to your reply.) I get dozens of crash logs a day, mostly caused by third-party plugins, and I’m having problems locating yours.


All the best,