Scrivener crashes on compile, export, create new project

This is not a consistent problem, but it has happened twice now. When I attempt to use compile or export, or to create a new project, Scrivener stops responding when the pop-up window comes up to select or change the directory.

I am using Windows 8 and version of Scrivener. My documents do not have footnotes, annotations or other unconventional formatting. I do use templates I created myself.

The only thing I have found to resolve the problem is to uninstall Scrivener and then reinstall it. Since this is the second time this problem has come up it seems to me to be more than a temporary glitch.

To document further developments:

The problem also occurs when starting with a blank document rather than a homemade template.

I can compile after a new install once or twice, then it stops working again.

I also can’t import files when the compile bug begins again.

I am experimenting to see if an older version of Scrivener also has this problem or if it’s related to the latest update. I suspect the latter.

Is this a freeze when the file browser opens, so e.g. it would happen when you try to use Save As or Import as well? Does it happen when you create a new project?

If it’s just a freeze and you have to manually quit Scrivener (rather than the program completely closing), there’s probably not going to be a crash report on it, but please check to be sure: in Scrivener’s installation directory, look for a “minidump” folder with any contents from the time of the freeze. If you have any, please zip them and attach them here. Unfortunately crash reports rarely pinpoint deeper issues like this seems to be, but it may offer something so it’s worth grabbing if it exists.

Do you have any plug-ins installed for Windows Explorer, any kind of services that run there (e.g. adding a new context menu option for files)? Try disabling them if so and see if that makes a difference. You might also want to try using the system file checker to search for and repair any corrupted system files that could be affecting this for Scrivener (or for 32-bit apps generally).

The system file checker seems to have resolved the problem. Thank you for the advice.

Update: I have to take that back. It worked once, then stopped working again.

To answer your other questions: the minidump folder is empty, I don’t have any Windows Explorer plug-ins installed, and yes, it happens when creating a new project, too. On all attempts to create new, export, and compile, the crash occurs at the file selection window.

If I sound frustrated, it’s because I am.

Scrivener just passes a request to the system to load the browser dialog when doing the Save As commands and so forth (from Export, Compile, creating a new project, etc.), so there’s not much going on here with Scrivener specifically. The file browser loads whatever it needs to display the different file type icons or previews that are visible at the location the dialog opens to, which is why I asked about the plug-ins, but this could easily be something that’s just part of the installation from a given software, rather than a specific service for acting on files from the browser. If you’ve installed or updated any other software recently that could be something to check.

Aside from the usual virus scanner, OS, and iTunes updates, I can’t think of anything that I’ve installed or updated since the problem began.

Thanks for the advice.