Scrivener crashes on exit


there is a new behaviour, but I am not sure what triggered it.

I opened a DMG today on iCloud (encrypted DMG so that I can work on the Scrivener project inside on 2 MacBook laptops), changed something and left Scrivener. It crashed. Opened another, “normal” file on the file system. Left Scrivener => crash. And whatever I do or do not, whenever I leave Scrivener, it crashes.

I tried to submit a crash report, but the WLAN in this café is quite slow, so I don’t know whether it went through.

Scrivener version: Mac, 2.8 (26284). OS X 10.11.6

EDIT: I think I don’t lose any work, so this is more an annoyance, but nevertheless you might want to look into it…

EDIT2: I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Now it crashes whenever I do something: click on a menu, type a single key… and somehow I cannot send crash reports. Strange.

EDIT3: Okay, I deleted it using Dr. Cleaner to get rid of all settings. Reinstalled from the AppStore. Started, and the tutorial came up, so the program thought it was newly installed. I could define where the backup directory is, but once I tried to type or pick a menu it crashed again. However, this time I was at home and managed to send the crash report. Please look into this.

What is strange is that I have another computer, a MacBook Air, with a virtually identical setup, and there it still runs correctly.

All back to square one…

I tried in vain to open Scrivener with shift. In Finder -> Applications, I held shift and double-clicked Scrivener (stupid me, I know…) and several dozen applications opened… :blush:

I saw no other way but to hold the power key for an emergency brake and a reboot. And guess what? After the reboot Scrivener worked again! :smiley: So, my problem might still be interesting, but it is no longer urgent.

You should be able to easily identify my crash report by comparing my forum nick to the email address I entered, and you can put it onto the queue of low-priority problems. And if someone else encounters the issue, tell them to reboot.

Sorry about the mess