Scrivener Crashes on Load (OSx)

Quite suddenly I’m unable to run Scrivener without it crashing. Never had this before. Haven’t been using the package for about six weeks but then suddenly this has happened. I can if I restart my Mac mini get up a L & L crash report which I’ve sent but does anybody know what’s happening and a solution?


This is happening to me right now too. At first, it was trying to change the Options within the Target window. Several crashes. Then it was just opening that project. Then ANY project or a new project. I completely uninstalled, manually tried to hunt down every related system file,did a clean download and reinstall and it crashed instantly on loading. :neutral_face:

I’m running 10.5.5 on a newer iMac.


I’m having the same problem. When I attempt to open a recent file (to work on it), the file appears to start to load for a fraction of a second and then the program crashes. I had the same problem about a month ago and contacted support but before they could look at the problem it fixed itself! The reoccurrence is somewhat frustrating!

Sorry to hear about the problems you guys are having - but have you read this?

I’m not an L’n’L person, nor am I computer-technical in any way, but if any or all of you want responses to your difficulties before next Monday, I’d personally suggest following the advice contained in the post I’ve linked to above to scour recent threads in the forums for possible solutions. (For example, if you’ve installed El Capitan, an incompatibility between Scrivener and Apple’s Contacts application in El Capitan appears to have caused crashes for a number of users; threads dealing with this provide the solution.)

Quit Unexpectedly Report when I closed Scrivener properly
Postby annshu on Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:51 pm

I’ve copied my post into this forum which seems to be having same issues.

The last few times I’ve opened Scrivener, I get a crash report saying the program quit unexpectedly the last time I used it. But I’ve been quitting Scrivener as usual. Suddenly this report appears.

I’ve attached the report and hope you can help with this. Thank you!!
Crash Report.pdf
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