Scrivener crashes on loading

If I close Scrivener with the following UI configuration, it crashes when I re-open:

  • single main window in showing a number of items in outline view
  • what is visible is mostly metadata fields
  • binder and inspector not visible
    If I delete the ui.ini file, then it loads ok.

Repeats, and I’ve noticed this before (even reported it, I think).

Would you like the ui.ini file?

This has happened again.

What I am doing is using Scriv in the way described here.

I can restore the view settings, mostly, by saving in the Layouts Manager. But even doing this does not restore the width of the Synopsis column properly. Perhaps this is the source of the bug.

It seems clear from the ui.ini files that they are getting corrupted.
ui.ini.bak3.txt (136 KB)
ui.ini.bak2.txt (188 KB)

And if I change out of outliner view, and then close Scriv, here is the ui.ini file - which seems not to be corrupt.
ui.ini.txt (28.2 KB)

Is no-one interested in this?
I can now report that the bug does not seem to occur (ie Scrivener does not crash on loading) if the Synopsis field was not included as one of the columns in the outliner when it was last closed. So perhaps that is the source of the problem.

Hi Simeva,

As you didn’t get any feedback from the forum on this, my suggestions is to email L&L Windows Tech Support (URL below).

My experience has been that they respond quickly.

Hi Simeva,

Looking at the ui files, it seems like your second pane is the source of your troubles. Have in mind that it is not clear, whether you are using the first or the second pane. If you could send us a project with a few steps to reproduce the crash, we will be able to have a look and trace this further. Send your project and details directly to the Scrivener desktop support email.

Ok, I’ve sent you a project file.

It’s difficult to reproduce the steps that lead to the crash, because the crash occurs when scrivener is loading.