Scrivener crashes on one project; not others

I have had trouble with Scrivener freezing then crashing on one particular project. If I opened it, Scrivener would go through a reindexing. The 100k-word project would appear, and some functions would work (e.g., I could compile the project), but any attempt to alter the text would freeze the project. I found that if I saved the project under another name, the newer file seemed fine (although all of the autocomplete spelling was gone). That worked for probably 10-15 reopening of the project. Then today, the copy project—the one that had worked—stopped working.

Should I reinstall Scrivener? If so, are there any tricks to deleting the original software?

Have you tried a save and rebuild search indexes? (Option-CMD-S)

Please reset the project display settings, as explained here:

Does that help?

Thank you. In my case, after the crash, reloading the project resulted in an automatic rebuild. The freezer did not allow rebuild.