Scrivener crashes on open

This started when I set the Mission Control shortcut to Fn in System Preferences>Mission Control. I am using a mid-2013 MacBook running El Capitan 10.11.3. It stopped when I again set Mission Control to have no shortcut. Seems odd.

For me Scrivener always opens in a new desktop, whether I have it set to Full Screen or not. This drives me crazy. I don’t know how to change it. I just one one Desktop.

Very interesting, just to make sure I have this correct:

  • With a custom shortcut assigned to Mission Control, Scrivener crashes upon loading your projects while transitioning to Full Screen mode.
  • Without a custom shortcut, this crash cannot be reproduced under otherwise identical conditions.
  • You can toggle the triggering of the crash repeatedly by changing this setting.

This bug of crashing on Full Screen load is something we’ve been looking into since 10.11.2 was released, and to date we have no clue what the trigger is (I’ve never seen the crash happen on my 10.11 test machine, nor has anyone else in-house to my knowledge). If you don’t mind, I’d like to suggest a few tests to confirm that, if you have the time:

  • First we’d need to confirm the bug is actually what I’m talking about. If you could attach a crash log file or paste the contents into a response, I’ll be able to verify that easily. Or using the link below, we have instructions on what to search for in the crash log.
  • Using System Preferences, create a new Mac account and then switch over to that and test the behaviour you’ve described. First, set a project to Full Screen, then use Cmd-Q to quit with it left in that state. Re-open and see if there is a crash. If not, go into Mission Control and set up your shortcut, try again.

Let me know how it goes, and at your own convenience of course. Meanwhile here is our write-up on the bug and how to avoid it (assuming of course we find indicators that this is indeed the same bug).