Scrivener Crashes on PDF Compiling

Working of a MacBook with OS 10.5.8 and with Scrivener 2.1 when I go to export my novel to PDF so I can use it to upload to CreateSpace Scrivener appears to be compiling and then at the very end crashes, leaving me with no PDF file. has done it 4 times straight, then gives me the reporting crash feature which I’ve been filling out.

The ‘format as’ is custom, though I started with format as ‘paperback novel.’ Wondering if I’m doing something wrong or have the wrong setting or if this is a bug that needs fixing.


Hi Brad,

If you’re on an Intel machine, you can download the beta that Keith uploaded today, which fixes this bug. Otherwise, until he’s able to release the 2.1.1 update (which will run on both Intel and PPC machines), just use the former way of doing this–choose to compile for Print and then from the dialogue that pops up select Save as PDF.

I am on an Intel machine, so do I download the beta by opening Scrivener and clicking on “check for updates”? Or is there another way to download the beta?

Thanks for your help.


Betas are posted in this thread in the “Beta Testing” forum.

Just download, unzip, and replace your regular version of Scrivener with the version here. “Check for Updates” only works for release versions (non-beta version).

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Oops, sorry, I meant to post the link. Scatterbrained! :blush:

Downloaded the beta version and opened the novel document I’m working on but now nothing is showing up in the Binder. I can see the chapters when I’m in note card mode and click on one and then switch viewing mode and see the content but none of the chapters are showing up in the Binder.

Tried closing it down and re opening but no change.

Am I missing something here?


What do you mean by nothing is showing up? Do you perhaps have a collection or the search results visible instead of the binder? Is the binder still blue?

I think I discovered the problem. I posted a ‘ignore this message’ but it doesn’t look like it appeared here. Probably should have just deleted the first one asking or help.
I think it was that I had something in the search box for when I used the search box for something else then cleared it, the chapters showed back up, so I’m good to go with it. Thanks for the help.

Actually, I just realised that after a tweak I made yesterday, I had left the interface set up so that the (empty) search results table would show when you created a new project instead of the binder, d’oh! I’ve just uploaded a new beta that fixes this, so head over to the beta forum and please download again.


All the best,

Ahh, good to know it wasn’t just me. I’ll download the beta again. thanks.