Scrivener Crashes resolving "Conflicts" from iOS

Have experienced three similar crashes today when Scrivener detects that my project has been changed (new document created, 450words added) and then tries to resolves the conflicts. I’ve sent the crash reports over each time. Hoping that you can figure out what is going on.

Have now reopened Scrivener with only my Dropbox project open. I had several others open, which for clarity were NOT shared via DropBox but all local to my Mac. Scrivener has survived this time. But I’ve not made any alterations to iOS version since the first crash other than moving the new document back in to its correct folder in the Binder.

You mean Mac Scrivener crashes?

What “conflicts”? Have you been working on both machines simultaneously? Having the project open on both and making changes on both, simultaneously?

All folders where you store your projects are local to your Mac. The only difference is that changed files on the Dropbox folder are copied to the Dropbox server by the Dropbox app running in the background. In iOS Scrivener the files are copied from your iDevice to the Dropbox server when you tap the Update circular-arrows.

So, what “conflicts”?

Yes Mac Scrivener crashes otherwise I’d have posted in the iOS specific bug hunt forum.

I wish I knew what conflicts these are too because no I have not been working on the project on my Mac and iPad simultaneously. Been scrupulous about syncing then working on one and only device at a time then re-synching before switching back to the other device. But yes the project remains open on Mac while I’m off working on the iPad; as I read the documentation that is possible.

Alright, by “local” I mean not the folder that has its content slurped up to a Dropbox service by an extension. I have exactly one project that I’m working on one both platforms. The project and all its constituent documents and other files are in that folder that Dropbox will receive data from and make available to all my devices whether desktop or mobile.

… and when you return to your Mac, after having saved/synced to Dropbox on the iDevice, you press the “Mobile sync” button, unless Scrivener prompts you to update, which it usually does.

I’d test to do all the usual re- procedures. Re-start the Mac, re-install Scrivener 2.8, …

All explained in the notes accompanying the three crash reports email by the crash logger after each event.

… okay… I just thought that you posted in here, instead of just waiting for response from the crash-team, because you wanted to speculate publicly about possible causes, but I guess I was wrong. :slight_smile:

Here’s the crash logger notes submitted on what is now the fourth incarnation of this crash of Scrivener for Mac today.


Scrivener crashed on me. The following is a short description of what I was doing when Scrivener crashed:

  1. Closed all Scrivener projects on Mac (after restart from previous crash).

  2. Opened only project being shared via Dropbox. No edits or alterations made.

  3. On iOS device one document edited, one document created and edited.

  4. iOS device synced and checked that Mac is reporting Dropbox is synced.

  5. Scrivener displays dialogue “Update project with changes from mobile version?”

  6. Clicked “Sync Now” button

  7. Scrivener crashed. (It might have taken a backup to a .zip file but that progress bar has not always appeared with these crashes)[/code]

Well, it doesn’t say if you did the re-procedures. Did you re-install, re-boot?

I will when support specifically request it.

I rest my case.

[size=50](in my world re-booting and re-installing apps are standard procedure, something you do even before sending in crash reports, just to make sure that it’s not e.g. a hickup on the harddrive or in memory that is causing a program error, and hence a crash)[/size]

A reboot (necessary for vital commercial tools) did not resolve the problem. Still happens although it can be controlled most of the time by dismissing the dialogue box telling me that a project has been updated and needs to be synced then clicking the sync button explicitly.

Have you emailed the support address directly?

Emails sent by the crash reporter will not get a personal response. The reason is that most reported crashes are only indirectly related to Scrivener itself, and are not reproducible. We simply do not have the resources to investigate every crash that might occur anywhere in OS X while Scrivener happens to be running.

Emailing us directly lets us know that an engaged human is having problems while using Scrivener, and that the problem was not resolvable without our assistance.

If you do email the support address, please include a copy of the crash report, as the support team does not have direct access to the automatic reports.