Scrivener crashes upon opening with OS 11.1 update

Hello! I just updated my computer OS to 11.1 (first update since installing Big Sur) and now Scrivener crashes immediately upon opening, no matter how many times I try.

How can I get to my files until this bug is fixed? I still need to work. Also, when is the next Scrivener update to accommodate Big Sur going to be released?

Thank you!

3.2.2 has already been relased. It may not be available in the Mac App Store yet, tho.

Hope this helps!

If you are using the Mac App Store version, you can install 3.2.2 from the L&L website following the directions here. This version has been submitted to the MAS, but since it goes through the store review process before being available to customers, it lags behind the direct sale version release slightly just depending on how fast Apple processes it.

Thank you! This resolved the issue.

I wasn’t aware there was a newer version available because it was “coming soon” on the last blog post by Literature and Latte and I didn’t have any update requests/notifications from the app itself. Perhaps these things could be updated in the future? Just my two cents.

Thanks for your help! <3

The last blog post doesn’t mention the macOS version at all but only talks about v3 of the Windows version. Under normal circumstances you would receive an automatic notification that the new version is ready to install inside Scrivener itself, but in this rare instance Big Sur broke something in the older version of Scrivener meaning that it couldn’t load to show the update notification.

OK, I’ll bite. 3.2.2 was released. By who? Where? I went to the L&L home page and am attempting to “download” the Mac OS version. It’s 3… but doesn’t say 3.2.2. But in order to download I’ve got to install something called “Creative Cloud.” It’s taking forever. Is Creative Cloud related to L&L?

Added later: Creative Cloud is ADOBE!

Creative Cloud is Adobe software. If you’re being asked to download it, either you’ve got the wrong link or some other software is interfering with your connection.

The official L&L download can be found here:

(This is where the link from the Download page points.)


It looks like I successfully downloaded 3.2.2 and it works.

There went several hours I’ll never see again. Thanks, Apple, for nothing.

I think this is the last blog post… … nd-silicon

…and if I’m not mistaken it is indeed about the MacOS 3.2 update being “just around the corner”. I’ve been trying to keep up to date with this update, as I’m waiting for Big Sur and Scriv 3.2 to reach what seems a safe combination. I know Scriv people have been busy sorting this out, and I’m grateful for all that effort, of course. But I think its progress might have been better communicated.

Forgot about that one. As I already said, normally there is an automatic update notice that is absolutely the best way to communicate updates; this is a unique situation with crashes preventing that from being effective and we only found out about 11.1 crashes yesterday. Since pushing out the update I’ve barely had chance to do anything else, There’s an update notice at the top of the forums.

Happy holidays.

Keith, I do realise you’ve been up to your eyes in code.

I’ve been getting the update notices, but I’ve also been keeping an eye on this forum, and it’s what I’ve seen here that’s made me shy away for now from updating to 3.2.x, as I have important deadlines before Christmas that I don’t want to jeopardise (and I’m similarly waiting on a Big Sur version that looks trustworthy).

I don’t see an update notice at the top of any forum, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

Thanks again for all the fish, and a merry old chrimbo to you, too.

3.2.2 fixes all known Big Sur-related crashes.

Still, if you haven’t installed Big Sur, you don’t need it, and holding off on both is definitely a sensible choice if you have imminent deadlines. (In fact I haven’t yet updated my own system, either.)