Scrivener crashes when compiling a file

I installed scrivener trail version for testing on windows 11 KVM guest and it runs and then closes automacially when compiling to a pdf file

What is KVM guest???

Sorry, i am running windows 11 on top of redhat linux in virtualized ( KVM ) environment . I think it does not matter, it should function normally as on a real hardware.

In most cases, virtualisation will be identical. The main area where you may see differences is in interface layout and font handling. To put it into perspective we do almost all of our in-house testing in Wine and VMs. I only very rarely have to boot to my Win partition to check something (typically relating to stuff Wine doesn’t do well).

So I’d look more to general troubleshooting on this one. Compile to different file types to see if it is PDF all by itself. Try compiling other things, such as a new blank project with one word typed into it. That kind of isolation testing to see whether it is a universal problem or perhaps something related to content in that one project, and then what parts of that project… for example if you move 50% of the draft folder out of the draft so it doesn’t compile, does it work, does the other half work? Etc.

But if you can’t even compile a PDF with one word using bog vanilla settings, yeah I’d suspect something needs to be set up better with the VM.

Sorry again, i am just starting with scrivener. it seems i was doing something wrong during compiling it is working now. Although i am trying older version now but still think . i was not doing what was supposed to be done.

I is working.