Scrivener crashes when COMPILING

I admit that I’m perhaps an anomaly with my use of Scrivener for producing an ebook. My manuscript is largely images (jpg and png) with a few very short chapters of text. There are 350 of these images, which are full-page hand-drawn charts. (I have attached a sample chart.)

While creating the book, I wasn’t having any issue in compiling, but after adding more pages this past week, I’m now finding that either Scrivener crashes when I compile to Kindle or epub formats, or it spins for awhile as if compiling, then quits (with no error message), but when I look for the compiled version on hard drive, it is not there.

The threads I’ve researched on the topic indicate that there’s really no size limit to our projects on this software, but I realize that most users are producing manuscripts mainly comprised of TEXT, whereas mine is heavy on IMAGES. So I’m thinking this makes a difference . . .

One option I’ve wondered is if I should “trash” my images in the Research folders, from where I dragged them into the Manuscript area – would that free up Scrivener to be able to compile with ease? (though I doubt it, since it doesn’t compile from the Research folders anyway)

Any insight would be much appreciated here! I’m a newbie – this is my first project . . .


There’s no limit to the size of a Scrivener project. However, users with very large projects have sometimes run into trouble with Compile. Compiling a project stitches all the components together into much larger file, then hands that file off to the converter for whatever format you are using. So it’s much more demanding of system resources.

One way to see if this is a size issue is to do a partial compile. Use the Compile -> Contents pane to compile everything except your recent additions. If that works, then either there is something problematic about the new additions themselves, or you’ve managed to exceed what the compiler can handle.


Thank you, Katherine, I will try that.

Meanwhile, I’ve also begun thinking how I can organize the project into two volumes, which I’m confident will be able to compile normally.

Have a great day!

No. Not the problem.
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