Scrivener crashes when I open my project

I use Scrivener daily for a project, which has some 80+ files including all the notes, metadata, etc. I last used it successfully around 11pm last night. This morning I go to open it and continue using it, but cannot without the screen fading white and (Not Responding) appearing. I can’t interact with the project without this happening (sometimes I might get up to a minute of interaction before it stops responding).

Once this happens, I have to end the task and restart - this causes issues with reopening the file. I’ve tried opening backups from my last successful save and they all seem to have this problem. Unfortunately I don’t have an older version of this file

My other, separate projects open fine.

I can find 0 indication why this is happening, so I don’t know where to start troubleshooting. I always backup on exit. Last night, I created 3 new documents in the project and did a bunch of edits elsewhere.

I use OneNote to backup all my longform writing, but that doesn’t include metadata, notes, research, etc - all the things I use scrivener for - so I can reconstruct my project from scratch if I have to, but I really hope I don’t have to do that.


Do you have any printers installed? (Re:

While this may or may not be your issue, just asking.