Scrivener crashes when I try to create a new label

[BUG] Version: Beta (899097) 64-bit - 18 Apr 2020

I decided to change the structure and purposes of my labels so I removed all of them and created new ones. In Project Settings>Label List, when I create new labels it allows me but when I try to click “OK” to accept the changes Scrivener crashes completely.

Could you please provide some more details, as I could not reproduce this. It would be nice, if someone else could also test and reproduce this.

I tried to reproduce this and can’t, yet. So a question or two…

How many labels do you have (total) right before the crash? Are any of them named the same or colored the same? Shouldn’t matter, but it might.

So I restarted my computer when i went to sleep last night. I downloaded a screen recorder to video the error but now I can’t repeat it either :-/.

If it happens again I’ll post with more details. Sorry guys, it looks like a restart may have solved the issue I was having?