Scrivener crashes when I try to use the scratchpad

I just discovered the scratchpad, which is rather handy, but most times I use it, Scrivener crashes. It seems all very random as to if this will happen, or at what point, but most times I use it, it does. This of course makes me nervous of using the scratchpad, so i don’t.

Scrivener version 3.1.1.

Is this a known bug? Are the planets mis-aligned? Something…

There is a known bug that seems to b related to the third-party folder observation code we use (this observes the scratch pad folder for any external changes). I have never seen it myself, and it only seems to affect a handful of users, but I have it on my list for an upcoming update to rewrite the way this works to try to avoid the issue. If there are any particularly reproduction steps you have noticed that always cause the crash, though, please let me know.

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I’ve reported this as well, but just so you know, it is still happening after the most recent update to both Scrivener and MacOS.

It happens on both my MBP and iMac. I can’t point to a particular action other than it appears to happen when I’m typing. It happens whether or not I have a project open. I sometimes start Scrivener just to use the scratchpadad to capture an idea.

To the original poster: I’ve never lost any data with the scratchpad crashes (a lot of them - probably at least twenty) in either the scratchpad or an open Scrivener Project. I have no fear of using it and have come to regard the crashes as just an inconvenience. I’ll be glad when it’s fixed, but I use it anyway.


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I’ve just encountered this bug this morning. Up to now I have only used Scratchpad for very quick notes to myself, and close the window as soon as I have typed the note. I’m not sure if what follows will be of any help for reproducing, but here is what I was doing when the crashes happened:

I decided I would use Scratchpad for taking some notes from a series of sources. Hence I left the window open continuously. I had one Scriv project open in single editor view, binder and inspector both visible. I also had four documents open as tabs in a single Quick Reference window.

Scrivener crashed twice, less than ten minutes apart. Both crashes happened while I was typing in the Scratchpad. The first crash happened after about 5 to 10 minutes of intermittent typing in Scratchpad. The second crash also happened while typing in Scratchpad, but more quickly (say 3/4 minutes after restarting).

I wasn’t running anything particularly onerous on the system: Apple Mail, Safari, Devonthink Pro Office, and MS Word. The crash only seems to happen when Scratchpad is left open for a period of time, and while typing in it.

Scriv 3.1.2 (10882). macOS 10.13.6

Hope that helps.

Hi, just a note that I am another user who is experiencing this issue often. I (almost) always send crash reports, but the only common factor so far is Scratchpad itself, I have had crashes while typing and not typing, One suggestion was that it might be linked to addons in Mendeley, but I don’t have any – and today it happened while Scratchpad was open over Firefox. It’s not enough to stop me using it, I love the scratchpad – but it really does break my flow :frowning:.

Hi. Scratchpad crashes Scrivener every time I open the scratchpad. I read that this bug has been occurring for at least a year. Is there any solution for it? Or should I just not use Scratchpad and instead take notes elsewhere and then add them those to scrivener individually? I tried uninstalling Scrivener and still got the crash immediately upon editing a note. I even tried removing my notes from the Scratchpad folder and changing the default from RTFD to RTF.


Until they get this fixed, I’ve been using nValt as my scratchpad.

With a little work with Keyboard Maestro, your nValt note can be automatically moved into Scrivener as soon as you quit nValt.

This is happening to me too. I’m not losing data, but it’s annoying and an inconvenience. Scratchpad is a really handy tool, so I hope L&L gets to the bottom of it soon.

Scratchpad crashes Scrivener. Clicking randomly, creating new notes, etc. Scrivener crashes then.
Macbook Pro M1Max. Macos 12.5. My scrivener projects are on icloud drive, my template AND Notes locations are on the Icloud Drive.

Could putting the projects on Apple’s iCloud be contributing to the problem?

Try: copy the stuff to your local drive and see if problem continues?

What version of Scrivener do you have? There’ve been several updates since this thread was created.

Its 3.2.3 i think its the newest one

The question is, why do you use the scratchpad? Because this window floats above all others? Because you like to write a short note in a small window?

Whatever the reason is, everything works also (and better) with a normal Scrivener project. The best thing to do is to create your own notepad project with the layout you want.

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Please open a support ticket, here:

Please include a copy of the crash report.

I have a similar issue in that Scrivener crashes when I make any changes to Preferences for the first time in a session. I’ve opened a support ticket and included the crash report