scrivener crashes when i try to view a pdf

Hi! Whenever I view a pdf, Scrivener crashes. None of the programs on my computer use Accessibility (and I’ve already tried the workaround here: … come-stuck)
I’m running the latest version of Yosemite (10.10.1).

Scrivener is an awesome program and I’ve been using it for the last three years. Thanks!

And in fact that bug you referenced isn’t even a crash. When that one happens, it is more like the editor has been locked in place. You can still use the program, you just can’t navigate to other documents until the condition is resolved.

Outright PDF crashes are usually caused by corrupt or complicated PDF files that the display engine cannot handle. If this only happens with one or two PDFs, that is what I would suspect as the culprit. If it happens with all PDFs on your computer, it is unlikely each and every one of them has become corrupted or whatever, so in that case you’d need to provide us with a little more diagnostic information, such as the crash report and any console logs.

Glad to hear the software has been working well otherwise. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! It happens with all pdfs over, say, 2 pages–and I have a lot of those. I’m happy to provide the crash report–should I paste it here or send it to an email address? And is there a way to retrieve the pdfs so I can open them in an external editor? They were only saved to Scrivener, not to another place on my computer. (Foolish, I know.)

Go ahead and send it in to our e-mail address along with the URL for this thread.

Meanwhile, figuratively speaking, 99% of all Scrivener crashes are the result of software conflicts, and that is particularly true shortly after Apple dumps an OS X update on everyone, as they tend to break things left and right when doing so. If you create a blank test account on your Mac, log into it, and have no troubles at all looking at PDF files in Scrivener, then the odds are it is something set up by your user folder (typically as a program you’re running in the background, or perhaps a plug-in). So if you know your way around a little routine maintenance, cleaning and diagnosis, it’d be worth getting that out of the way—especially if you haven’t since updating the OS X version.

You mentioned page count has something to do with it, that leads me to wonder what happens if you play with the PDF view settings. Since you mention being able to view 1 page PDFs safely, do so, and while looking at it, right-click to set view options. I’d be curious to see if the crash happens when looking at +1 page PDFs when Continuous mode is disabled. Continuous is very glitchy as Apple hasn’t seriously updated the code since they damaged it in Mac OS 10.8.

That’s perfectly fine to store stuff in Scrivener, it’s not an obscure glob of database somewhere—just normal files and folders internally. Worst case you can always dig files out of the project package from the Files/Docs sub-folder, but in this case, just lock the editor on a simple text file or folder, and then select the PDF files you wish to export in the Binder, and use File/Export/Files…. Since the crash is in viewing them, and locking the editor makes it so that doesn’t happen, you should be fine.