Scrivener crashes when moving documents around

I’m on windows 8. Trying to move documents around in corkboard mode makes scrivener crash, and it doesn’t give an error message.

It normally happens in split screen with two folders open, both in corkboard mode and trying to move a file from one screen to another.

It also happens when moving several documents around in the same folder, again in cork board mode.

Moving one or two documents seems to be fine, but the more changing things around, the more likely it seems to be to crash.

Thanks for any help.

First, if you go to Help > About Scrivener, are you running 1.8.5? If it’s anything earlier, use Help > Check for Updates or download 1.8.5 from the website and install it, then try working on the corkboards again. There was a bug in an earlier version that could cause Scrivener to close without warning when moving items on the outliner or corkboard when the editors were linked.

If you’re getting this on 1.8.5, some extra details about your setup would help track down the bug. When you’re working this way, do you have containers loaded in the corkboards or a multiple selection? Have you had the auto-load button enabled previously in the session (the double arrow in the editor footer that controls whether selecting an item on the corkboard or outliner loads it in the split editor)?

I’m assuming you’re dragging and dropping the cards from one editor to another. Do you notice whether the crash seems to be triggered by dropping in a certain area, e.g. before the first card or only when between cards? Are you working with all text documents, or do you have media files or such represented by some of the cards? Are any of them showing an image synopsis?

I’m fully updated, forgot to mention that first.

I don’t have auto load button on. I’m only working with text files. Right now, there’s nothing in most of the text files. I’m trying to get them sorted before I start writing. However, even when trying with text, it doesn’t matter

After trying some different things, it seems completely random. I thought it was just split screen, but it happens without it as well. It doesn’t matter if there’s multiple documents selected or not. Sometimes it’ll let me move two or three index cards, sometimes it’ll close on the first one. It also doesn’t matter where the index cards are moved to, first, last, or in the middle. I have labels, statuses, and custom meta data, but removing them didn’t help.

Let me know any other information you need and thanks for the help.