Scrivener Crashes When Sorting Documents

Scrivener crashes when I try to sort a list of documents in the Binder (e.g. Documents > Sort > Ascending)

Thanks for the report. About how many files and how large (word count is fine for text docs) were the files in the folder that crashed on sorting?

Also, do you happen to know what the group view mode was in the editor (outliner, corkboard, Scrivenings, single text)?

Thanks for your response.
1.) Scrivener crashes when I try to sort a list of Binder files (using Documents > Sort > Ascending) if the list of files I’m trying to sort includes files that contain sub-documents.
2.) Sorting a list of files which don’t include any files containing sub-documents files (usually) works fine.
3.) Today’s crash happens when the list l try to sort is in this state:
A.) Scrivenings mode
B.) 75,590 words (487,642 characters)
C.) My estimate is that the hierarchy contains about 400 to 500 files.
E.) There are 6 top level files, each sub level contains both single files and files containing sub-documents.
D.) All documents are text files (no PDFs, images, etc.). The largest text file contains 3,157 words.
F.) The deepest level in the hierarchy is about 5 levels down.
4.) This was a bug in the beta version, too.

This problem is fixed.

I resolved this issue by moving all of my files into a newly created project.

I think that my original project may have been corrupted in some way, maybe because there were so many files in it.