Scrivener crashes while trying to compile

Just going through the tutorial and when I try to compile to .pdf using ‘custom’ setting (as told to do by tutorial) Scrivener will compile 36% then becomes unresponsive and I have to manually end the program with task manager. I’ve tried running it several times with the same result.

I run Windows XP. Any suggestions as to what may be wrong and how I can fix it?

Edit: Tried changing the compiling settings - it compiled up to 80% then froze.

This is a bug to do with the placement of inspector footnotes: When an empty line occurs at any point between an inspector footnote attached to the final character of a paragraph and another inspector footnote attached to the first character of any subsequent paragraph, compiling to PDF with footnotes included causes Scrivener to hang. Until we get this fixed, you can avoid the problem by not compiling footnotes, using inline footnotes, or just not placing your inspector footnotes in that precise scenario. It’s sort of an unfortunate set up with the tutorial because it’s got one of the footnotes and the empty lines already set, so during the step where you learn to create inspector notes, if you create yours at the start of the sample text, you’ll hit this bug. In fact I don’t know if anyone has ever hit this bug outside the tutorial. :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue with trying to compile my thesis out of Scrivener. I have been using inspector comments and inline footnotes throughout the thesis… so there are thousands of them. I am generally compiling to rtf so that I can run the document through Endnote to format the paper to the appropriate citation system. I have undertaken this process many times and had no issues. However, since yesterday, when running the compile it has frozen at 42% and crashed. I have de-installed/re-installed Scrivener twice, cleaned up the computer, etc, to attempt to remedy. So it sounds like the issue described below may be what is happening (although I have not used inspector footnotes - only inspector comments and inline footnotes). Is there any way to get around this without needing to check through the entire document? Compiling without footnotes isn’t an option. Any suggestions would be great!

(Also, yesterday it also started crashing whilst trying to run “Project Statistics”. Also the first time this has happened. De-installing and re-installing hasn’t fixed this either!)

Solution found: I went through and individually compiled each section that I worked on yesterday to find the culprit. Once I’d narrowed it down, I had a look through to see what may have been causing the problem.

The issue was where I had turned a section of text that had an inspector comment within it into an inline annotation. Obviously there was some conflict in both compile and project statistics with how it could handle a comment within an inline annotation. Removed the inspector comment and both compile and project stats are working beautifully again.

This could be worth looking into for future versions: it is handy having inspector comments as notes to myself for things that need fixing, whereas inline annotations are generally sections of properly written text that I want to leave there for future use/reference but that need to disappear at that point in time. So the two still working together - inspector comments and inline annotations - would be really handy!

Glad you got this working! Project Statistics runs the compile in the background to get the page count, etc. based off your compile settings, so typically any bug that is causing a problem for the compile will manifest in Project Stats as well.

Comments and annotations should work together in the sense that you can have both in a document and have individual control over compiling them (so you can retain one type and exclude the other, if you wish), but it shouldn’t be possible to have a comment contained within an annotation, so that’s a bug. Running a simple test, though, I’m not able to reproduce the crash on compile to RTF, with both comments and annotations included or with just one or the other.

Do you happen to have a backup of the project from it’s non-compiling state? If so, would it be possible for you to send a stripped-down copy of that to AT literatureandlatte DOT com so I can look into it a little deeper? There may be something else with the compile settings or with how the document is formatted that is causing the crash here, and I’d like to make sure we get that cleaned up entirely. Fixing the bug that’s allowing the comments within the annotations will likely fix it, so don’t worry about going to a lot of trouble for this, but if it’s not inconvenient I’d like to be able to verify the fix. Thanks!