Scrivener Crashes

For the last month, every time I open Scrivener I get the message: “Scrivener Quit Unexpectedly”. I click “Reopen”. Then I get this message: “Scrivener Crashed the Last Time It Was Used”. I’ve sent at least 6 crash reports. Scrivener seems to be working, but I get the above messages Every Time. Does anyone know what’s up and/or how to fix this issue? Thanks!

I have had the same thing lately. I read somewhere that it might have to do with Full Screen mode in El Capitan. I haven’t noticed any crash messages when I haven’t been in full screen mode working in Scrivener. Any further information about this, anyone? Thanks.



I have this problem too. And now it won’t open any project without crashing. I don’t know what to do - am working to a deadline and can’t open any of my work!!! #panic

Regarding the events the OP describes, the crash on close problem, that is probably another OS X bug from all appearances, one that has been around for years now, since 10.9 was launched.

The 10.11.2 Full Screen bug (also referenced in our list of known issues only happens when loading a project, not when closing it (if you can’t open the project without crashing you’re not going to get post-shutdown crash alerts the next time you start Scrivener because a project needs to be open in order for it to close! :smiley: ).