Scrivener crashes

Recently I’ve been receiving this message when I open my projects:

The project at “/Users/Karalauryn/Desktop/Writing /Stories /All stroies /17. Fighter/D1.scriv” seems already to be in use by Kara Abraham in another copy of Scrivener on this machine (Karas-MacBook-Air). If the same project is opened more than once at the same time, data could be lost.
It is also possible that this project didn’t finish closing properly the last time it was used.
Choose ‘Make a Copy’ to make a copy of the project and work from that, or ‘Continue’ if you are sure that this project is not already open anywhere else.

When it appears I make copies but I have still lost data when I try to open projects.

How can this problem be resolved?

Firstly, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version. There are a few crash on close/load bugs that have been fixed, particularly with 10.14.

Otherwise in the case of a crash, it is indeed possible to be alerted that your project looks open, since a crash won’t save a project gracefully. If you are positive this project is never opened on other computers (typically via some sync technology like iCloud) then it perfectly safe to click Continue—and a lot less confusing as you won’t end up with a pile of similarly named older versions laying around.

That’s not really your problem. That is just a benign safeguard you can ignore if it isn’t relevant. The problem is the crash.