Scrivener Crashes

I am doing the 30-day free trial and I like what I’m seeing. I’m finding the application very useful. HOWEVER, it is crashing on me pretty regularly. Usually it happens when I’m closing a project window I haven’t tied it to anything more specific than that. It has happened on more than one project, so it’s not an issue with only one project. In each case, the crashes started after I’d imported a number of research documents including PDFs and other documents into Scrivener. Most recently, it happened while closing a non-fiction book project I’m working on. When I restarted Scrivener, it reopened the other project windows I had open, but not the one I was closing at the crash, so that should give you some insight into how far it got before the crash.

I’ve tried to reproduce the failure in different ways, but have been unable to control it well enough. I still can’t say for sure why it crashes. A crash report was sent to Apple about the situation.

Is this a known problem or is there something going on here that I’m doing wrong.

Definitely try re-installing QuickTime (downloadable from Apple’s site). It seems the majority of the time when people are experiencing frequent and odd crashes with Scrivener it is the fault of a corrupted QuickTime install. You might have some third-party application running in the background that is causing the crashes too. Try logging in with the shift key held down and see if you can get Scrivener to crash.


Sending the crash report to Apple doesn’t help, unfortunately, given that they don’t develop Scrivener… Unfortunately their crash reporter only offers the option to send it to them, though, and doesn’t allow developers to change it to have it sent somewhere more useful instead. The next time it crashes, could you please copy and paste the crash report here (or to support AT literatureatlatte DOT com) so that I can see it? You should also be able to find the crash log in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter, so sending that to me might help, too. If you can find a case in which Scrivener always crashes and can tell me that, that would be good too…

Oh, a couple of thoughts though. From where did you download the trial? I ask because if you downloaded from anywhere except this site you might have the 1.12 beta. Go to the Scrivener menu and select the About Scrivener option (Scrivener > About Scrivener) and let me know what version you are running. If you are running 1.11 (the release version), then that’s fine. If you are running 1.12b (the beta), though, then there is a crash that occurs in that version on project close sometimes - 1.12 is a version intended for beta testing and not day-to-day use, but unfortunately some websites (such as MacUpdate) have automatically added it to their database. Also, which version of OS X are you using?

Thanks and all the best,