Scrivener crashing on Macbook Air but not MacMini

I have an odd problem. For the past couple years I’ve been using Dropbox to store/sync my files. Sometimes I’m working from my desktop machine (MacMini) and sometimes when traveling (which is often) from my Macbook Air. I keep both consistently updated with the latest OS X system software and Scrivener software. I haven’t had any problems. Suddenly in the last few weeks, Scrivener crashes every time I try to open a file on my Macbook Air, but has no problem opening the same file on my MacMini. I even tried making a copy of a file from dropbox and dragging it to my MacBook Air desktop to get it out of dropbox, and it still crashed. I’ve tried several different files to see if it was a particular file, but they all crashed on startup. Finally, I opened Scrivener on the MacBook Air and tried opening the tutorial files (short story, essay) and they opened just fine: no crash. Any ideas? Help!?!?! I’m traveling with my laptop the next few days and can’t get any work done. Thanks.

Hi LeeC,

Just to let you know that I have replied to the email that you have sent to our support address.

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Could you post the solution to this problem or let me know what it is, too? I’m having this issue on my Air, but it’s also crashing on my iMac. I was fine Tuesday. Not fine today. Arg!

Yes, please post solution. I am having a similar problem.
The Air also says Scrivener is open on another machine when it is not.

Without knowing what the crash report says, it’s impossible to suggest a universal solution.

There are two known El Capitan-related crashes. Details can be found here: … -os-x-1011

and here: … ll-screen-

If neither of those helps, sending an email to the support address is probably your best bet.

The message that the project is open can appear if the project wasn’t closed cleanly – as in a crash – and didn’t clear the “I’m open” lock file. If you’re sure that the project is not open elsewhere, it can be ignored safely.


Thanks, I just sent an email with the crash report.