Scrivener Crashing Recently. Anyone else?

Here is the latest “hang” report. The program did not crash, actually; it froze for several minutes and this is the report following a “force quit.” Hope it will help! n.b. Nothing was running at the time but Scrivener and the finder.

Thanks again for looking at this.


P.S. I am running Mac OSX 10.5.8
Scrivener Crash 7-18-2010.pdf (105 KB)

What were the exact circumstances of the hang - what were you doing at the time? E.g. Were you opening a project? Had you closed a project earlier in the session? Had you played a media file? Context would really help.


All of the crashes/hangs have happened while I was navigating from one scrivening† in the Draft, which I had been typing in, to another one, by clicking on the icon in the binder. I had not opened any other files, nor had I run any media, since opening Scrivener. I had opened Safari and browsed the internet a few times, but not to view or hear media, and Safari was not open at the time of the hang.

After I first had the problem in one project (about a month ago), I created a new project and cut and pasted just the essential parts. But I have the problem again. Since first posting to the forum, I have been using the program for about a week (without any external Quicktime applications) and I had no crashes until today.

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† Not sure if I’m using the right terminology here, but the individual small document within the “draft,” which is combined with others if you select them and click “edit scrivenings” (I was not using “edit scrivenings” at the time, just viewing one at a time).

The nightmare of a hard drive crashing makes one think and I do back up Scrivener regularly to both Time Machine (not as often as I should) and on-line with Dropbox. But I’m working on a novel with certain deadlines in my mind and getting a new drive fitted (if I can afford it) might take some time especially in the remote location I live (even remoter than you Keith). So I was wondering whether I should also backup elsewhere in a format I can use on my wife’s computer, a PC during the interim time. I can only think of saving a compiled manuscript each day but maybe there are other less formal possibilities?

Hi Shantel,

Is there any particular document in the project that causes the problem? That is, could it be the same document you clicked on this time as last time when it crashed?


I don’t know if this phenomenon is associated with a particular document. I doubt it, because the two files in question were created after I made a new file following the first round of crashes. I can’t rule out that, in the course of editing, I may have a paragraph or two that came from an original corrupted file. This will require further observation and note-taking on my part; to be continued. Luckily, I don’t seem to lose any material when this happens.



This sounds suspiciously like a ‘fonts’ problem. You almost certainly have corrupt and/or duplicate fonts of different vintages.

Suggest applying an app such as Font Doctor before you despair of Scrivener. Apple’s own Font Book might give you sufficient information to find the culprit.

Apple’s Font Book shows a yellow marker with an embedded exclamation mark wherever there is a duplicate font that is claiming an application’s attention and will say something like, “Multiple copies of this font are installed. You can use the Resolve Duplicates command to automatically deactivate the copies not in use.”

Having said that I have had a glitch or two with Quicktime Version 10.0 (114) - (That’s the one in OSX 10.6.4). BUT, never with Scrivener.


I attach the latest crash report. I was running DevonThink and Preview, as well as the Finder, at crash time. I was working on a brand new file, and I had cut a piece of text–part of which may have been involved in a previous crash, given the theme and the way I move things around–and had clicked on a second page in which to paste it.

I find Lord Lightning’s idea of a duplicate font intriguing. (I agree–I never had Scrivener crash before, it has been a model of stability.) I tend to cut and paste from DevonThink Pro, the note-taking software I use, to Scrivener; but my Font Book does not indicate any duplicate fonts. Also, not long ago I standardized my ruler settings. Both Scrivener and DevonThink use the same TextEdit-type palette of styles, so it should really amount to pasting one style “as type” into another. And not all of my crashes have involved cut and paste; and this case I didn’t get to click “paste as type”–it crashed.

Anyway, as far as I know, no–the crash does not involve the same little page all the time; this one occurred in a brand new file with brand-new pages, albeit with a piece of text, which included some older text and an annotation, that had been cut and pasted within the last few hours from a file a few weeks old.

I hope this is helpful.

Scrivener crash 7_31_10.pdf (47.9 KB)

Curious - yet again the crash report clearly indicates QuickTime as the culprit (that is, the QuickTime components Scrivener uses). It seems to crash when Scrivener tries to open a movie or sound file, but you say there are no such documents being opened in Scrivener - very strange…

Maybe I should try to put a quicktime file into one of my files, and open it, and see what happens? I don’t know how to import media files, actually. But I wonder if it would crash.


UPDATE: I created a dummy file, and put a small video in the file. Looks fine. How should I test it, if I were to try and induce a crash?

Is QuickTime itself running okay on your machine?
All the best,

Yes, QuickTime is up to date and works fine. I rarely use it, but I can play the two short videos I have with quicktime, no problem.



Hi, I just wanted to give an update. I haven’t had a crash in over a week now. Thinking about what could have caused it, I have dwelled on the fact that I only use text files, but I often cut and paste-as-type from another application, DevonThink Pro. I noticed that I had the auto-correction of smart quotes turned on in one file an not in the other, and there was something called “smart copy paste,” also turned on in DT Pro but not in Scrivener. I have since turned all that off. The old macs used to be brought low by that kind of thing; maybe they haven’t changed much in some ways…


Continuing the theme of my last post, thanks for “straighten quotes”!



Just to point out from a thread on the OmniGraffle forum re problems with QuickTime that may be of interest here …



Another crash. At the time I was (writing with) Scrivener and (listening to music with) iTunes. I suppose Airport was on, too, but I did not have a browser open. And I did not have anything open involving quicktime, as far as I know.

As before, the file is just a text file with annotations. It is a completely different file from the previous files that have been open when Scrivener hung or crashed. (I just noticed that I wrote the wrong date on the file name. It should be Sept. 3.) As before, it stalled when I tried to move from one text to another by clicking in the binder.

Hope this helps to get at the problem. In the meantime I guess I can go through and straighten all the quotation marks–it might make me feel better at least!


UPDATE: Report posted; I thought I had before, sorry for any confusion.
Scrivener crash sept. 2.pdf (46.4 KB)

Could you post the crash report again please? Thanks!

No new crashes but a clue, perhaps. I notice that sometimes I (1) select a paragraph in file A and copy it, (2) click on another file B and (3) paste it there, and (4) continue editing in B.

If I don’t “deselect” the text in A, it stays selected while I navigate around. I might come across it days later and there it is, selected. I wonder if that could cause a crash; conceivably the same text could be selected in two different locations at the same time?

That’s actually a feature. :slight_smile: Scrivener remembers your selections and cursor position for each document, and stores this information in the project format, even after you close and open the project.

The latest crash report.

Scrivener crash Sept. 9.pdf (46.6 KB)