Scrivener crashing when clicking on video file in binder

Hi there,
I am just trying out Scrivener on Win7 Pro, 64 bit. I have imported several video files, that I can easily play with VLC or QT, into the binder. But every time I click on one of those in Scrivener, it immediately crashes. I also tried running Scrivener as Administrator, but it has the same effect.
Any idea?


PS: The same happens, when I click on a video link inside a document reference and try to play it inside the editor. It works fine when I let it open by the default external application though.

You may have an issue with something installed on your system.

My main computer hangs when I click on the Buzz Aldrin audio in the tutorial. Other computers don’t. If I double-click on the ‘wav’ file, it plays fine.

My best theory is something in my drivers or in some software I’ve installed is getting in Scrivener’s way.

Something similar may be happening on your system. In my case, I don’t think it’s a Scrivener problem, and there are probably other contexts the problem could assert itself.

It would be nice to find out why it’s happening, though.

As JackAubrey said, this is a system-specific issue that has come up a few times over the years, but we have never been able to track down the specific problem that’s interfering with loading the video in Scrivener, likely either a driver or a video/audio codec. If you’re technically minded, running Depends will show what libraries are being called on your system when you run Scrivener, which may help find the conflict, and running Process Monitor while you open Scrivener and trigger the crash may also help indicate the problem.

You should be able to work around the issue by using the project or document references to link to external video files rather than importing them, so you can double-click them to load them in the default player on your computer rather than having them load in Scrivener. To trash any video files you already have in the binder, load a different file in the editor and use View > Editor > Lock in Place to prevent binder clicks from affecting the editor, then move the videos to the trash and empty the trash via right-click or Project > Empty Trash. You can then toggle the Lock in Place to restore the normal binder-editor link.