Scrivener Crashing When Closing Projects

Hi. I’m using Scrivener 2.0. I have a problem that started today. Every time I try to close a project by clicking on the red button, typing Command-W or choosing Close from the FIle menu, Scrivener quits. I do get a window with Problem Details and System Configuration. Should I send it to someone at L&L?



Have you tried installing the latest version? You should have a build number of 6218 or greater, when checking in Scrivener/About Scrivener. There was an early bug that caused crashing when saving and backing up, for some configurations. Since closing a project saves it, this is a common trigger for that bug.

That’s odd – I thought i had replied to my post.

Amber, before reading your response I used AppZapper to get rid of Scrivener, then I downloaded Scrivener again and it’s working fine.


Anyone else wish they made a “child zapper” so you really start so easily on that front?

Although I can see difficulty developing in redelivery of the package.