Scrivener Crashing

When ever I try to use the “swap documents” feature (in either vertical for horizantal viewing mode), Scrivener shuts down. Normally, I just reopen the file and keep working but the last time I tried to do this (reopen the file after having it shut down) I was told I had an unregistered copy. Don’t know if these two error messages are related (but I am registered and do have a registered copy). Reregistering, didn’t solve the “swap documents” crashing problem.

For the unregistered problem, it sounds as though the preferences got slightly corrupted during the crash.

As for the crash - is there a PDF document involved by any chance? There have been a number of reported crashes related to PDF documents.

Can you reproduce this crash every time? If so, could you give me a step-by-step breakdown of exactly what I need to do to reproduce it on my machine? If it only happens on your project, could you send me the project to Basically, I have to reproduce this crash on my machine for testing before I can fix it.



I can reproduce the problem every time (or at least every time I’ve tried–I’ve stopped trying). When I get some time, I’ll send you a mini-version of the project I’m working on (making sure before hand that the problem remains in the smaller version).

stackowax - it would be great if you could send me this as soon as possible. I am hoping to release 1.01 tomorrow or at the weekend, and it would be nice if I could fix this bug beforehand. :slight_smile: I don’t mind if you send me a big project - and if you don’t want me to read your words, you can just make a copy of the project and then use Project Replace to turn the text into gibberish.
Thanks and all the best,