Scrivener Crashing

I was working on a document in Scrivener today. It was working/editing fine for a couple of hours. Part way through, Scrivener froze and I had to close it down.

Now when I open it up, it freezes within 5-7 seconds. It opens up on the same project, so I have no idea if it is an issue with the project files or with Scrivener.


  1. How can I get Scrivener to start blank - not opening any project?
  2. Does this type of hanging happen to other users?
  3. Any suggestions on how to start Scrivener with more stability?


Tools> options > General left tab > Startup Options section. - uncheck reopen projects that were open.

Most likely, something somewhere on your computer screwed up and caused a lockup. Maybe video driver, hard drive glitch whatever. Scrambled something in the scrivener project so now it breaks when you open it.

see if you have a problem starting a new blank project and working it for awhile.
Recovering from backups is covered in the manual.