Scrivener Cross Project Linking How to?

I’ve been searching to find out how to link to a Scrivener: Project/Document from a different Scrivener: Project/Document, but haven’t been able to find the answer.

For example, I’d like Scrivener File (Project A Document A) to link to Scrivener File (Project B Document nth).

I’ve read the Manual and found the following forum threads but maybe I’m missing something because I still am in the dark.

Making Scrivener Links

Ability to open URL links to other program documents

external link TO a Scrivener page

Please advise your help will be much appreciated.


Select the document to which you wish to make a link and then go to Edit > Copy Special > Copy Document as External Link. You can then copy that link into another Scrivener project, and clicking on it will open the original project to the linked document. (You can also copy the link into many other applications, as long as they support custom links.)

Good to know and to remember.

But my dream would be not (only) the ability to link to another project, but the ability to search different projects (all projects) simultaneously. Devonthink, for instance, allows to search simultaneously all (open) databases. Is there a remote possibility a similar feature will be part of a future version of Scrivener?

No, there’s very little chance that will happen, sorry. DevonThink is a database program that knows where its databases are located; Scrivener is a document-based program that doesn’t know where its projects are. Technically it could use Spotlight to find all projects and then search them, but providing any meaningful interface for it would be difficult as you’d presumably want to see the results, and that would involve loading swathes of each project. Spotlight does a pretty good job of locating projects based on content, though.

That’s a pity, but I understand. Thanks for your quick answer, Keith!

Thanks for the prompt support : )