Scrivener CVS settings and Git

Anyone know if Scrivener will cooperate with git in the same way as svn?

I would not recommend using SVN with Scrivener. SVN relies on a .svn folder in every sub-directory. Each Scrivener rtfd is a folder. Edits in Scrivener can delete these folders. SVN gets quite upset when it loses a .svn without being told about it, and thinks the working copy is corrupted.

Git has worked flawlessly for me since I started a couple of weeks ago. It’s entire repository is stored in a single .git folder at the top level, so it is immune to the above problem. I use GitX, have not needed the command line. I turned off Scrivener’s CVS/SVN compatibility. If you figure out a way to get a nice diff of the RTF files inside GitX please share the info.

Hope that helps.