Scrivener Dam, Australia

Couldn’t resist sending this link: … htened.jpg


Well…that’s all we need…isn’t it…eh? Another definition for Writer’s Block
Help! Somebody, please, I’m stuck at 'Scrivener Dam!’ tch!tch!tch! Shame on you Mr J :frowning:

[Disregard mewlings above. They are the outpourings of a tormented soul.]

As to the bridge, a neat piece of engineering. If you want simply to get from A to B, a straightforward and clearly-defined path. If, however, you need to control a once-in-five-thousand years flood, tools for that are available as well, tucked neatly below the surface, out of the way until you need them.



[/size]Well…that’s Scriv for Mac taken care of. Now tell us what you think of the damn dam

I did. The old two birds, one stone maneuver.


Sharpshooter…eh dude? :wink:

[size=200]Dam It.[/size]

Somebody needs to paint a giant, square Yin-Yang with an S on it.