Scrivener deactivated?


So I originally got my copy of Scrivener as a Christmas gift something like four years ago. I believe I didn’t even make my own account at that point, just put in the serial number and download the software (and if I did have an account, I can’t figure out how to access it) but today for some reason Scrivener said it had deactivated and it was reverting to trial mode and needed to be repurchased or something along those lines?

I can’t figure out any reason why this would be happening. I’ve tried the recover lost license options built into Scrivener and the website itself, and nothing is showing up on my email - though this may be because this was originally purchased by someone else via their email, who I’m no longer in contact with. I think I switched the attached email to my personal one while downloading the product originally, but I’m not really sure.

I still have the serial number for my license, if that helps at all. I’m seriously at a loss here, and I don’t really want to repurchase $67 CAD software that I already own. I’ve sent in a ticket but I figured I’d ask here as well if anyone else has advice.

We can’t address license issues through the forum, but do make sure you have the latest version of Windows Scrivener, which is 1.9.16. We’ve had to switch license providers since your original download. That means the copy you originally downloaded can’t activate, because the activation server it knows about no longer exists.