Scrivener deleted half my text when I added a label!

I wanted to post this to help others who might have this happen. First, I got my text back. :mrgreen:

The scenario: I have a novel in Scrivener separated into Chapter folders, and scene texts. I was editting the latest scene. I’d written the first couple paragraphs, saved, wrote some more, saved and eventually had most of the scene done. I came back this morning, and was tweaking a few things. I noticed I hadn’t changed my labels on that scene yet, so I added my ‘Scene’ label and a First Draft status. I went back to the scene, and to my horror found that all but the very first few paragraphs were gone. I’d saved when I changed the labels. I was horrified - all that writing, all those edits and corrections gone.

I stopped what I was doing. No more saves or edits. I stopped any attempts to backup. I opened the Scrivener folder where the project file was held, and went to Files > Docs. Here was a long list of RTF files and some other odds and ends. I scrolled to the bottom and found the RTF with the most recent date. When I opened it, rainbows and puppies and lottery winnings, I found the prior, complete version of the scene in the RTF. I grabbed the text and corrected my project. I will now be far more religious about making separate backups between general saves.

In Scrivener’s defense, I haven’t grabbed the most recent updates - I’m at, the last patch from June 23, 2012. Maybe I’ll go do that update thingy now.

If this happens to you, it’s really important to not touch anything. Don’t do a save, don’t start changing the text, don’t close the app. Immediately go hunting for the Docs folder with the RTF backup files. These appear to have the last recent revision, and if you do something, the app may overwrite the good version.

And save to a separate .scriv file now and then! One on a thumb drive or somewhere not on your main hard drive. :smiley: