Scrivener deleting imported apostrophes and quotation marks

I’m importing from MS Office Home and Student 2019, to Scrivener 3. The imported text has deleted all apostrophes and quotation marks. The font being used is Arial on both applications. I’ve tried importing directly from .docx and .rtf versions of the original file with the same results.

What am I doing wrong? It’s a real pain having to go back and read 60,000 words to find missing apostrophes and quotation marks. Help!

For myself I have no idea what might cause this, nor any direct solution to offer, but, have you tried copy-pasting the text to your Scrivener project?

If Ctrl-V doesn’t work, see if “paste and match style” (Ctrl-Shft-V) does.

If that fails, it is somewhat far fetched, but I’d try opening the files in LibreOffice, and if they’re ok in there, re-export them once more, from LibreOffice to Scrivener.

(Else, I have a hunch that there might be a conflict with smart punctuation.)

What specific version of Scrivener 3?

If you cannot find a workaround, for problems like this, it is often best to send a small sample of text to tech support so that we can try it ourselves, and see what is going on at a more technical level. It is very difficult to make suggestions otherwise, from a description of a problem that is not known to be a general issue.

Actually, I cut and pasted at first. That’s when I first noticed that it was leaving out apostrophes and quotation marks. I’ve tried Ctrl-V and the “paste and match style” from the drop down menus – no joy. I also tried saving from Word to an .rtf file. That gave me a bolded capital V instead of some of the missing items, but not all. The rest were just missing.

I don’t have Libre Office, but since it’s free I can try that. And I agree that it’s probably a conflict, and for some reason Scrivener isn’t recognizing my quotes and apostrophes, so it just leaves them out.

My version is Version: (2025341) 64-bit - 19 May 2023

At this point, since @AmberV proposed/mentioned it, I would say that your best course of action would be to contact LL’s staff, and have them have a look at it.
(This would also allow to prevent or shorten the troubles of whoever might encounter the same issue in the future…)

Paste a link to this here thread in your message, should you opt to contact them.

Make sure you don’t leave this bit out: