Scrivener deleting my accents [ADDITIONAL INFO]

I’ve even tried disabling all autocorrect features, but no-go. I’m writing in Spanish, so this is a HUGE deal to me, as I can’t be going back and writing every word twice to get my accents in order.

What happens is that I type words such as sí and está (which is the two that I’ve noticed, but I’m sure there’s more), and the accent never appears, or appears for a split second before being deleted by Scrivener. Other words, such as expresión or tomó do appear normally, so I’ve no idea what could be causing this.

Thoughts? This is seriously a big deal for me, and I guess for anyone else not writing their novel in English.

Edit: more words, in case this helps at all:

  • sólo, sonríe, así and ningún lose their accent, but él, qué and ridículo don’t.

Hi Angolera,

I write in Portuguese and never experienced the problems you are describing. I disabled the speller since the Portuguese language module apparently is not (yet) available. I assume other languages will make the release version, like Portuguese and Spanish for example. I tried the Mac version and it’s working flawlessly in that regard.

I’m using the USA International keyboard layout in Windows XP, Vista and Linux (Ubuntu). No problems whatsoever.

Try disabling the speller in auto-correction. It may help.


You say you’re using the Mac version? I’m on Windows. I already disabled all the auto-correct checkboxes and no-go.

Sorry, I’m not able to reproduce this. Are you running on Mac or Windows?

If Windows, which beta version are you running?


I’m using Windows and Linux. I tried Scrivener on a Mac using my son’s laptop.

Check if you are using the lasted version, like Lee asked. It seems system related. Try using a different keyboard layout like the US International which will give you all the accents you need and see if that makes a difference.


Some examples here:

  • açorda, tempão, é, aí, ò pá, etc. etc.

I am using the lastest version. I just hadn’t noticed before because I was writing in English.

The thing is, not all accents have issues. As I detailed in my post, it only seems to happen with some words, and not with others.

Changing the keyboard layout is not an option, because then I wouldn’t know where any of the characters are. Right now, I’m writing on Notepad and copying to Scrivener, but am hoping for a better solution in the near future.


We both have similar problems. I posted on it yesterday.
I found part of the cause, and am curious about news on it.

Have you noticed that an accent beginning a paragraph (started in lowercase) does not show the problem?

I found out that this only happens when I use combined keys, but don’t know if this is also your case.

Using us-international layout and international with dead keys, I’m unable to get anything but an ë. (this is on the windows version with KDE. windows input–alt+number pad–doesn’t work either.) Linux native, it works fine. Both using 1.3

EDIT: figured it out. You have to have your keyboard set THEN start scrivener. When I started scrivener with my keyboard set to international (either one) keystrokes worked properly. When I didn’t, it wouldn’t switch.

But: I switched my keyboard layout back to the default while Scrivener was running(US default, 102 key whatever), and it isn’t doing international keystrokes. (So seeming to work properly.)

I switched the keyboard back to international with Scrivener still running, and I can only type ä, the character I tried to type when I started Scrivener with the international layout.

So it seems like I can get one character, then it any international character defaults to the one I just did.

For a third test, I started Scrivener with international layout, and was able to type one character (ü this time). I tried typing an ä, and it only gave me ü.

Linux native works fine, no problems with accents, umlauts, and the whole schmear.


This might sound disappointing to you, but my keyboard is always set to French with a Belgian layout, and it always displays the accents usually, and it does happen to me as well, under certain circumstances.
That is to say that some accents do appear and some others do not, depending on how they were put into the file.

First word capitals, when made automatically by the application, are ok.
Manually composed capitals (combined keys) do not appear.
With lowercase letters the problem does not show in my case.
This is under Windows 7 Home edition.