Scrivener dialogue windows implementations

I am using Scrivener with Wine (PlayOnLinux), which really works very well. Only recently (not sure, but probably after the update) I noticed that some dialogues behave differently. While the Meta Data Settings (see screenshot) and Options dialogue look as expected, the Keywords and Layouts dialogue only show a tiny title bar.

Is there something different in the way these are implemented? I would think so, because the former also allow Wine to decorate the window (color and button style) while the latter look like Windows native style. Maybe if I know what is different, I can find some tweak setting in Wine to get around this little nuisance.

Thanks and regards,

The Keywords dialog is indeed a tool dialog, which usually has a thinner titlebar. We have not changed anything intentionally here between v1.9.5/6.0 and v1.9.7.0. There is a Qt version library change between v1.9.0.0 and v1.9.5/6/7.0, which might bring some differences. Hope this helps.