Scrivener Dictionary Custom/Import -Good! - Mac Sync?

As a medical writer, I was frustrated with the lack of medical spelling terms in the Mac dictionary that Scrivener uses. I have a custom dictionary on MS Word along with a couple of imported dictionaries (~75,000 words). Mac dictionary uses a file called LocalDictionary located in the following folder - user:library:spelling. I combined the words in the LocalDictionary, my Word custom dictionary, and 2 medical dictionaries Word uses by copy pasting the text of each into an Excel file in column A and using Excel to find and delete duplicates and arrange them alphabetically. I copied this list into a text file with TextWrangler (I suppose TextEdit would also work, but have not done it with that program). Then I used TextWrangler to select all in the LocalDictionary and pasted the text copied from the Excel file into the LocalDictionary. So far so good!

Now I’m trying to figure out how to sync this file between a laptop and a desktop. Any thoughts?

What synchronisation software are you currently using? Some allow point-to-point syncing, so you can select individual folders or files and tell it to keep them in sync between computers. Others (like Dropbox and Google Drive) rely on a central location. Then it gets a little more tricky, but the symbolic link, a way of making a file point to another location on the disk, is a tool for doing this.

I posted a how-to on syncing folders, a while back. Note the instructions are written for keeping your Scrivener data folder synchronised (something else that might be of interest to you), but since they cover syncing a folder—with the bits about navigating around the Scrivener support folder aside—they would be identical in application to the ~/Library/Spelling folder, instead.