Scrivener & Disabilities (TBI)

Scrivener was the result of software limitations and strife after returning to college. To back up…I was relocated to one of the “Big 5” TBI/Polytrauma Units at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs–after having worked for 2-years with TBI Assistive Technology and Speech on compensatory strategies I realized many issues I face-as well as others in TBI-were based on software features and functionality. Not to bash any vendor or product, rather to provide usage scenarios for anyone with TBI, ADD, or simply short attention spans, and etcetera. Products which work for other may not necessarily be the same for us.

For me, it is essential to dump everything, related or unrelated directly to media to save or risk losing it. There are not many applications which allow dumping and then refining…actually most applications can be used for “mental dumping”–but result in so many files, you no longer are able to piece them together or have the time to do so. Running parsers to compare documents becomes ridiculous when you forget why you saved them in the first place. However the fear of losing your work is much greater–so you become a digital hoarder!

Another characteristic was revisions. Multiple edits, while saving each and every one, is an absolute necessity. Often working on a single paper involves having 3 documents open at the same time: a working copy being actively edited, the proof, and one being dumped to/from (items which seem out of context or other OR relevant information required at some point).

Scrivener, provides a manageable way to achieve all the prerequisites and do so in a single document/project, which is extremely important. Moving between multiple documents in other applications results in confusion, unnecessary edits, and loss of cohesion and data.

Since I only recently started using Scrivener many of the key features have not even been explored, however I quickly discovered it is not a replacement of Word rather a tool which my compensatory strategies can be built around. I will provide updates over time as I am consolidating many of the applications originally chosen by Assistive Technology and Speech: Inspiration, and etcetera.

Thanks for your patience. B.
P.S. Having gone back and forth with support prior to purchase to discuss features, roadmap, and etcetera–actually sold me on Scrivener. Not because it was sold on me as a solution ; rather being told it may not be what I needed for the reasons I asked…the details provided by “Jeff” and using the trial sold Scrivener.

bshaf, Hiya!
A hearty welcome aboard Scrivener. :smiley:
An illuminating and interesting first post. Quite a few of Scrivener’s motley crew, have disabilities of varying degrees of severity. I’m sure they’ll find your

reports on how you adapt Scriv, to your requirements, of great interest.
Good luck, take care.