Scrivener disappeared from my laptop

Here’s what I did:

My main computer is dying, so I uploaded my scrivs to Google drive and to a thumbdrive.I am now on my laptop.
When I went to DL the scriv file from Google Drive, it wanted to save as an xml file rather than a scriv file, so I poked around my laptop for the Scrivener program file, looking for a folder to transfer to as a holding place. Found my Scrivener, but no place looked legit, so I came to the website.

Saw there was an update that seemed urgent. Downloaded it to my desktop, and halfway through, I thought, “Oh, crap, I’d better check to see if it erases files.” (I’ve had Scrivener for years and have never downloaded updates,) So I cancelled the exe file. I double checked and now I have no Scrivener.exe on my laptop. I have the shortcuts and nothing else.

The whole reason I came to the site was to figure out the XML extension thing, so thelp me?hat’s still a question, too.
So you save it as xml from Google Drive and Scrivener converts it?

Can anyone help me?

I have to get to work now, so may not be able to answer till very late.


As to xml, I haven’t a clue, but would be doubtful Scrivener would handle it. Others might come along who do know, but a google might help.

As to Scrivener, do you still have the installer and registration details? If so, use those to reinstall the software. If not, contact the developers/help, they generally have a good reputation and will help you get Scrivener back.

Your project’s main binder index file – the .scrivx file – uses XML format. Under NO circumstances should you allow any other program to convert or otherwise edit this file.

To have a working Scrivener project, you need the COMPLETE .scriv folder, including all subfolders.

Google Drive has some known issues with Scrivener projects, including its tendency to take liberties with the file format. We do not recommend its use. (It is fine for .zip backups.) You may find that things go more smoothly if you simply copy your projects from the thumb drive.

To reinstall Scrivener, simply download it from here: … taller.exe