Scrivener disappeared - Help!!!

Hello Forum,
until yesterday I ahave worked with scrivener, which I bought in April. Now I still have the projects, i have been working on but the programm scrivener disappeared. the dock displays the scrivener symbol with a questionmark.

I do not know what to do? Download it again? But I have already payed

Please help.

Thank you

The icon in the Dock is just a shortcut to the original application, which could be anywhere – most likely in the Applications folder on your hard drive. If you move the application the Dock should keep track of it, but perhaps the link between the Dock and Scrivener has been corrupted.

Have you tried searching for “Scrivener” in Spotlight? If that doesn’t find it, you’ve either accidentally deleted Scrivener, never properly installed it (i.e. it should be dragged from the disk image it came on to your hard drive), installed it on a drive that is no longer mounted, or you have a problem with your drive (either with the directory, or a hardware fault).

Please view our video on installing Scrivener:

And the wiki: … _Scrivener

Both explain how to install Scrivener properly in great detail - the problem here is that Scrivener wasn’t installed properly.

Hope that helps.
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