Scrivener Disappears During Tutorial

Scrivener - 2012-11-09 - All Notes refer to Scrivener’s Tutorial Steps

New installation in a Win XP Pro 32-Bit OS. First time it ran, it appeared, and then it disappeared part way through reading first step’s document display.

Next time it disappeared happened while a few of the Step 4 steps had been followed.

Today it disappeared while looking ahead from Step-6 as it advised to see how the Organization button changed color and changed the amount of information exposure.

Above is poor detail to make sense at the “Bit-Twiddling” level. However, at crash events I am willing process Debug EXE files that have a companion PDB and MAP file sets using Windows DebugDiag 1.1 (x86) to generate Windows Debug Analysis Reports if that would be helpful.


Sorry you’re having a bad crasher! We’ve had a small handful of users on XP get this sort of random crashing; we don’t yet have the solution, but Lee is working on honing in on it and has been enhancing Scrivener’s crash reporter to provide more relevant details for what seems to be the problem area. Could you try installing the beta, available from this thread, then sending any crash reports generated from that to AT literatureandlatte DOT com along with your system specs? The crash reports will be found in the Scrivener\minidump directory. The more information we can get on this, the faster Lee will be able to solve it, as unfortunately we haven’t managed to reproduce this on our own XP environments. Thank you!

Thanks for the response.

Beta is now installed and its first crash report is on its way to support. There were a total of 8-minidump reports in the dump folder so those were added with a note explaining their version source.

When this version of beta appears on the screen its first dialog is a warning that its Termination-Date is 7-Dec-2012. Dialog is annoying, and surprising as it indicates the release version is the fall back, if the next beta is late out of the gate. Can you share any thoughts on what might be the plan for the next beta?