Scrivener displays "not responding" windows error.

I’m using version 1.9.
I got a new laptop and installed and authorized the program which works fine.
There are a total of 5 licensed copies in our household although only one is in use at any time.

Then on the main desktop , the program only begins to load with the border of the opening screen. The program halts and a “no longer responding” message appears in the window border. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no success. Any thoughts?

Is this recent thread of any help?

Or this support article… … y-settings


Briar Kit

Well, that ain’t it.
I uninstalled Chrome and Firefox. (Back to IE).
Finally uninstalled 1.9. That was a task. Windows kept saying it was running. The task manager stated it wasn’t.
But finally uninstalled.
Reinstalled 1.8.6. Same problem.
Oh yes, I renamed the project so they couldn’t load.
This computer is a high end desktop that is about 2 years old and was the main scrivener computer. The program always ran with no problems.

Any other ideas?

Is there any way this could be a license authorization issue? The problem started after a new computer with a clean install of scrivener got authorized. I would expect a warning screen if this was an authorization issue, but I’m just asking.

Just to be clear the failure is right at the first start up screen of Scrivener.

Okay it runs.
The XPSP3 compatibility mode didn’t work for me. But if I run Scrivener in the windows 7 compatibility mode it runs. BTW the computer is running Win 7 home premium with the windows 7 compatibility mode selected.

Scrivener runs fine on my other Win7 computers.