Scrivener does not save in USB, only in Dropbox


I saved most of my files on Dropbox and wanted to put backups in USB.

Got nearly all of them (by opening them from Dropbox, then saving on USB) , then suddenly it stopped working . Instead I got a message telling me the data with that path/name was already open and could not be saved until i closed that data. I am absolutely certain it’s the only PC I opened it in. (Sorry, maybe a Bad Translation. It’s a german error message I get)
Changing the name to save it as dies not help. Restarting the PC dies not help. Closing the file, opening it again and trying again dies not help.

That was just suddenly and I have no idea what the reasons may be or how to fix it.

I can save it on Dropbox just fine. But I need them on USB since I want to use that PC offline.
How do I get this to work again?

Maybe one of you can help me.


Well, you don’t need to save to USB in order to work on projects offline. If you have the Dropbox software installed on the PC, then Dropbox will automatically maintain copies both on the PC and on their server, That’s sort of the whole point of the service.

For the USB issue, the first thing to check would be to see if you’re able to write to the USB stick with other tools, whether there is enough free space, etc.


The problem is that this computer can not update Windows 10 any further (only 32gb for Data)

Without more updates in that it is not safe for it to have any internet connection at all. So I wanted to transfer everything from Dropbox to USB so I can still use it to write (portable, because other than that PC I only have a stationary one)

And every so often I would transfer that data to my stationary PC and maybe to Dropbox from there if that works.


You mention a stationary pc, so am I correct you’re talking about a notebook as the device that’s short on storage? Is it one where the internal storage can be upgraded? (Most other than recent MacBooks can). If so, that would be your best bet then straight synching back and forth. USB thumb drives/disks are fine for selecting as the location for automated backups provided they are always installed when writing with Scrivener.

I set my systems up to auto back up on close and lose projects whenever I step aways from pc for anything other than coffee etc. I don’t use USB drives (though could), I use another free cloud storage option (iCloud, One Drive, Google Drive, Box) all of which are fine for storing zipped backups. All that said I’d never use zipped backups as a method to transfer between systems.

The safest way to transfer project using a thumb drive is to use Backup to… which creates a zipped backup. You then move the thumb drive, copy the zipped backup from the thumb drive to the other PC, unpack the zip file and open the project.

Too late for edit but:

It seems to appear only (or mostly i am not sure yet) when I open the scrivener project from Dropbox over the Data File and then try to save it somewhere else.
If I click on open in scrivener, open it and then try to save it it seems to work.

As said, I am not completely sure yet.
But if that’s how it is it might be more of a bug than something to solve here.

Is the project currently in the Dropbox folder on this PC? If so, then you can just use Windows Explorer to drag it to another location, either a USB drive or another location on the main disk. (Make sure to get the entire project,scriv folder, not just the .scrivx file.)


When dragging it from Dropbox it says it can not copy everything and continues to only copy empty folders.

It’s only if I try to copy from Dropbox. (Idk why)

And the “can not save” only happens when I open a project from Dropbox through the folder. If I open scrivener and open it from there over “open” or “recent projects” I can save it whereever I want.