Scrivener doesn't exist for Kbuntu?

I was thrilled when directed to this forum because Scrivener for Linux would be wonderful. Unfortunately, none of the directions posted here seem to get me any closer to actually having the program on my system.

I tried sudo apt-get but I can’t seem to locate a package available to download. If I try to use the package manager the closest thing it can find is a Greek text version of the bible.

Is there a version of Scrivener that works on Kbuntu?

You’re not going to find Scrivener in the Kubuntu repositories because it isn’t free software. In order to be included in a base Ubuntu or Kubuntu distribution, it has to be distributed under the correct licenses. Scrivener is proprietary so you’re not going to find it there.

Also, the Linux Scrivener version is decidedly beta and unofficial – it’s a port that’s done by the guy who develops the Windows version, I believe. It’s pretty stable at this point, as far as base functionality goes, but it’s a port of an older version (it’s not up to date with the current Windows releases).

To install it on Kubuntu, you need to download the debian package linked in this forum and use dpkg.