Scrivener doesn't open anymore

I downloaded Scrivener last week (trial version) and I started working with it. This morning, Scrivener wouldn’t open, I keep having error messages asking me if i won’t to launch it again. But it seems it doesn’t want to go further than that. I can’t read my files, I’ve spent a week writing an essay. That is a real problem
I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, but the problem remains.
Any suggestions ?
Thank you for your help !

problem solved : it had nothing to do with Scrivener, but it was due to a plugin I installed : Afloat. I disabled it and Scrivener could reopen. But I lost my last day of work…

If you haven’t already, check your backups.
See section 7.8 in the Scrivener for Mac manual, especially 7.8.4.