Scrivener Doesn't Open Previous Projects


First post here, so… hello.

Scrivener started acting on me on a Win 10 platform out of the blue. Nothing happens when I click the project file, nor it opens the previous session.

Instead, Scrivener shows the start-up screen where you pick a template.

Then, I changed the system, cleaned the HD and returned back to a Win 7 setup. Still the same problem. This happens with the backup projects as well.

EDIT: Win 7 system Scrivener is a fresh install.

Any suggestions about how to open my project? I would really prefer not to re-write a 110k book.

Hello again.

After 10 tryouts, the zipped backup worked. The original project directories didn’t work, however. Well, I got the book back =). I would still love to learn why this happened to avoid future issues, so I am still open to suggestions.

I just had the same problem crop up after changing my laptop from Windows 7 to 10. The program ‘invited’ me to upgrade the file from a previous version, even though I’ve only been using Scrivener for a few months. Then it performed fine on my laptop, but I had the same problem you describe opening the file on my desktop, which runs on Windows 7. I still haven’t solved that problem.

Check the version of Scrivener installed on each machine. Willing to bet the one offering to upgrade the project is 1.9 and the one on the desktop is an older version. 1.9 includes a format change that is non-compatible with older versions.