Scrivener doesn't respond to Wacom tablet mouse

When I’ve used Scrivener 3.4 and 3.5 for Windows, I’ve found that while the program responds when I use my stylus on my Wacom tablet (Bamboo medium), the program does not react when I use my Wacom mouse on the tablet instead.

I am currently using Windows Vista and Scrivener 3.5, and I am using a Wacom tablet (w/the Wacom mouse and stylus) instead of a typical mouse.

It would be great if the final version of Scrivener for windows supported the Wacom tablet mouse, since the stylus is not very convenient for word processing tasks.

Hi skermit,

We’d definitely like to be able to support tablets, and at this point there just hasn’t been the necessary time to dedicate to working on that. But this is on our list for post 1.0 release. Thanks for giving Scrivener a try!

I have a really old Wacom 5X7 tablet–from when they first came out (in fact I had to have a special hardware interface of USB to Serial Port, as my newer computer doesn’t have serial port)

Anyway, I’ve had NO problem with any of the later Scrivener betas recognizing tablet. Which is great as I never use a mouse.

Win XP Service Pack 3