Scrivener doesn't respond

I just downloaded Scrivener. I opened it and created a new project. However, when I click on the “Add” button, nothing happens. When I go to Documents>New Text, nothing happens. Same for Documents>New Folder. In fact, none of the commands really work. All I see is the blank new project window. I can’t populate it with any information!


Solved in another thread. :slight_smile:

Would someone mind posting a link to the thread that resolves this problem? I have had the same difficulties, but can’t seem to come up with the string of search terms that brings up the solution thread. The closest similar issue I have found is in this post:
but none of my fonts are disabled. I don’t even get that far unless I create a new project (and Scrivener never opens the new project of closes the dialog box, although the project is created), close Scrivener, and then reopen the program and open the new project from File > Recent Projects.

Any help here(?), because the program looks interesting.


That was actually the thread that solved it - the user had some disabled fonts. Could you please post an exact description of the problem, saying what you are trying to do, what version of OS X you are using, and what is actually happening? It is almost impossible to say what the problem is without more information.

Thanks and all the best,

Apologies–I though I had posted again to this thread, but I don’t see it so apparently not. Short version: While none of my fonts were disabled, several font caches were corrupt and repairing these (with Font Finagler) fixed the problem. It was just one-off the original solution, and so hopefully worth adding to the thread here.

Used the trial for two days, then purchased a registration. So, obviously works like a charm. Thanks much!

Thanks for re-posting! I’m glad you got it sorted - and it’s good to know that it was a fonts problem after all.

And thanks for buying, too!